Thursday, June 23, 2016

Flower-Afro + How To Store Stamping Plates

Hi little Nailiens,
I really wanted to do some nail art with gears, something steampunk-ish but ended with a mani more art nouveau themed (what is fine, too, because I love art nouveau). Further down you can find my new favorite way to store rectangular stamping plates.

The base is 12 "it's nude dude!" by essence, a dark brown polish with gold/copper shimmer. So pretty but also really annoying to apply! It's really viscous so that it doesn't spread well. Even though this polish is a dark color it is not as opaque as you might think... 
I stamped on a gear pattern from stamping plate BPL-022 (item 20787) by BornPrettyStore with "sunny shimmer" by uma ( all-time favorite copper) and Catrice's 07 "Genius In The Bottle". " Genius In The Bottle" shifts from a dirty gold to an icy green.
Because they were too boring, in my opinion, I drew on a woman's face with acrylic paint and a thin detail brush in size #2 (item 21734) it's a bit pricey but it's really good.
To seal it in I applied a top coat but I should have used clear polish because I totally changed the color. After that, I stick on a bunch of dried flowers (item  by BornPrettyStore).
And that's it!
But because these are not very practical with the fragile dried flowers on them. I trimmed them and sealed everything in with a nice thick coat of top coat.
So now to my new favorite storage option...
This huge pink thing is it the new favorite way to store all the stamping plate I own! Before that, I stored them in a box but it wasn't high enough so they stood in there in an angle. I don't think this is very good for them… also, they were in their paper sleeves and I couldn't tell which one is which.
The stamping plate organizer (item 20045)* by can hold up to 20 large rectangular plates… I believe that you can store more in there when you put two in one slot. But the snap fastener probably won't close. Couldn't test it because I don't own so many plates.
The outer layer is bright pink and has a nice feel to it. It is odorless only the plastic sleeves smell a bit like pool accessories, so nothing that really bothers. Its total measurements are 14,5 cm x 10 cm.
All the plates slide easily in the slots. I tried MoYou London, LadyQueen and off cause BPS plate. The slots are 7 cm x 13,5 cm large so every plate smaller than that fits in. I really like this holder because holders for rectangular plates are hard to find... and it holds all my plates save and looks fantastic! This wraps up this for me long post ;)
*PR Sample

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