Saturday, August 29, 2015

Born Pretty Store Floral Water Decals

today I have some floral girly nails for you.

 In which I put zero effort to get this awesome look. They are so pretty and shiny in real life but my camera wont catch it... These are water decals 002A from They are super easy to use. You paint your nails in a color of your choice. I used Wild White Ways by essence, because I want the colors to pop. You can put them also on your bare nails but I think the colors wont show up that much.
Then cut the decal in smaller pieces so they fit on your nail. I prefer to cut them in a little bit wider pieces because of the curve of my nails.
Put them into lukewarm water for 30 seconds. Now you should be able to slide them off the paper and place them on your nail. The side which was on the paper comes on the nail, I did it on my index finger wrong. It was the second nail I did and had a little bit of a struggle. It fold and rolled it so I didn't knew which side is which... But all the other nails worked fine.
Clean up the excess and let it dry. Finally put some topcoat on.
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Hope you like it and see you soon.
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Perfect Gradient? No!

"Nooot?! But it looks like!" That's what you're saying, isn't? It's just a thermo in transition... not just a thermo! It's the best and most beautiful I ever had.

"Niiiicht?!", fragt ihr euch jetzt, "aber es sieht doch so aus!" Es ist lediglich ein Thermo Lack während des Farbwechsels... nicht irgendein Thermo! Es ist der beste und schönste, den ich je hatte.

This is No. 110 by As you can see it shifts from a bright vibrant turquoise (warm) to a nice blue-ish purple (cold) and it shimmers! The polish is so sensitive that it sometimes shifts on my nails with normal body temperature, not only in ice and hot water.

Das ist Nr. 110 von Wie ihr sehen könnt wechselt er von einem leuchtendem Türkis (warm) zu einem netten Blau-lila und er schimmert! Der Lack ist so empfindlich, dass er nur mit Hilfe meiner leicht schwankenden Körpertemperatur schon die Farbe wechselt und nicht wie andere mit heißem oder Eiswasser!

This polish goes on nice and smooth. I didn't need to clean up and I always have to. Drying time is a little bit longer than the average polish.
The brush is a little bit short in comparison to the cap, but you can lift off the squared cap and have a round thinner one underneath. I didn't had problems with that but I read some reviews where that was mentioned.
It's also available in 4 other colors. And as usual I have a 10% off code for you: TAMPX31

Dieser Lack lässt sich einfach und gleichmäßig auftragen. Ich musste nicht mal die Ränder saubern, was ich immer machen muss. Trockenzeit ist etwas länger als beim Durschnittsnagellack, aber nicht dramatisch.
Der Pinsel ist etwas kurz im Verhältnis zur Kappe, aber man kann sie abziehen und hat dann anstatt der großen eckigen eine kleinere runde. Ich hatte zwar kein Problem mit der eckigen, aber hatte einige Reviews gelesen, in denen das angesprochen wurde.
Außerdem gibt es den Lack noch in 4 weitern Farben. Und wie immer habe ich noch einen 10% Rabattcode für euch: TAMPX31

Hope you like it and see you soon/ Hoffe euch gefällt's und bis bald

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